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ahm Health Insurance : Cheap private health insurance

ahm health insurance

To tell you the truth, there are not enough fingers in your hands to count the importance of having a mediclaim policy in Australia. With the rising costs of medical bills day by day, it’s very much important to secure your health or the health of your loved ones. Having the best medical insurance plan is vital nowadays given that you can’t really predict when you may fall sick or what your medical bills look like in future here is ahm Health Insurance.

Not having a medical policy in Australia will cost you really more than you can ever imagine. You may have to say goodbye to your lifelong savings and resort to depression and anxiety as the penalty of not having a medical policy.

AHM Health Insurance

AHM Health Insurance is a specialist provider of health insurance and was acquired by Medibank in 2009.Medibank is an Australian private health insurance provider. It is Australia’s second largest health insurance provider, behind Bupa with 3.8 million members, 29.1% of the market across two brands (Medibank and ahm).


ahm health insurance Claiming Options

ahm Health Insurance offers the following convenient options for claiming extras benefits:

  • Simply swipe your card at HICAPS participating providers for on the spot claiming
  • Claim over the phone
  • Claim via Online Member Services
  • Post your claim

Hospitals usually send their invoices directly to ahm Health Insurance for payment.

Benefits of choosing ahm Health Insurance

  • Security and backing of a trusted national brand – Medibank
  • We’re the only brand that has a range of smart covers with no individual limits on Extras helping you claim more and waste less
  • Mix and match different levels of hospital and extras cover to best suit your needs
  • With us there’s no waiting to claim on most extras.

It’s frustrating, awkward, scary, painful, weird, confusing, embarrassing, uncomfortable, stressful and complicated. Exactly what ahm isn’t.

Because when you’re snowed under, sweating the small and big stuff in life, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance.

ahm. The simple bit.


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