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The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a metropolitan university formed by the merging of several inner-city education institutions. UTS also has a campus in the northern Sydney district of Kuringgai.

It emphasises practice-orientated learning and applies this approach to fields such as business and engineering. If you’ve studied at UTS, you’re invited to rate the student experience and post a review.

All users FAQ *

REVIEW was upgraded on the 26th of November 2017. Please check the upgrade summary page for information on the changes included in the upgrade.

Where do I log into REVIEW? *

REVIEW can normally be accessed via your Subject’s main menu in UTSOnline. Alternatively, you can access the REVIEW website directly.

Instructions for Subject Coordinators on how to add a link to REVIEW in UTSOnline can be found in the guide to Adding a link to REVIEW in a UTSOnline Subject.

What username and password should I use to log in to REVIEW? *

You should use your UTS staff or student ID and password to log into REVIEW.

I tried to log in to REVIEW and received the error message “Login failed.” What should I do? *

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to log in to REVIEW:

  1. Your UTS staff or student account has not been activated. You can activate your account on the My Account account activation page. If you can log into your UTS email account then your UTS account is already active.
  2. REVIEW is not opening in its own tab or window. REVIEW may not process your login attempt correctly in some browsers unless opened in a new window. If you can use this link to access REVIEW please contact your Subject coordinator and ask them to set REVIEW to open in a new window.
  3. Your username and/or password is incorrect. Please close the browser window before attempting to log in again. If your browser or other software is storing your username and/or password please disable this feature. If this fails to resolve the issue then please reset your password.
  4. If you are still unable to log in to REVIEW please request help from ITD via ServiceConnect.

Additional reasons why Staff may not be able to log in to REVIEW:

  1. Your staff account is inactive in REVIEW. This may happen if you are employed on a contract basis and there has been a gap in your employment. If you have had a gap in your employment then please request help from ITD via ServiceConnect..
  2. You have a temporary staff ID. Temporary staff IDs begin with a lower-case “m” (e.g. m123456). Temporary staff IDs cannot be used to access REVIEW. Please contact your Subject Coordinator to obtain a standard staff ID.

I tried to log into REVIEW and received the error message “Successive failed attempts. Please try again later.” How long should I wait before I try again? *

If you have been locked out please wait 15 minutes before trying to log in.

REVIEW will temporarily lock out users after 3 failed login attempts within a 5 minute period.

How long can I leave my REVIEW session inactive for? *

If left inactive your REVIEW session will automatically time out after 2 hours. If you plan on leaving your computer for an extended period of time, please always lock your screen or save your work and logout of REVIEW.

Staff FAQ *

How can I change a mark or grade in REVIEW? *

You can change a mark or grade in REVIEW when it is not published. If a result has been published you will need to:

  1. Unpublish the result
  2. Change the mark and/or feedback via the marking tab
  3. Publish the result again

NOTE: Only Subject Coordinators and Lecturers can publish and unpublish student results.

How do I make a task active/inactive in REVIEW? *

IMPORTANT: Only a Subject Coordinator can make a task active or inactive in REVIEW.

To make a task active/inactive in REVIEW:

  1. Select the Tasks tab and locate the row of the task you want to change
  2. Click the Setting button
  3. Find the Status option and choose either Active or Inactive
  4. Click Save

One of my tasks is locked. Why did this happen? How can I unlock it? *

Tasks lock when at least one student’s mark has been published (including stu_dent). This is to ensure that assessment criteria are not accidentally changed after results have been published to students.

Tasks can be unlocked by anyone with Faculty administrator or higher access. Please follow the process for your faculty as listed below:

  • DAB staff: Contact your Faculty Academic Programs office. Selected staff in the DAB APO have the ability to unlock tasks
  • All other faculties: request help from IT via ServiceConnect

When will subjects be added to REVIEW? *

Subjects will be made available in REVIEW on the following dates:

  • All 2018 subjects are currently available in REVIEW
  • Minor teaching session subjects will be available at least two months before the first day of the relevant session

Subjects for the Main Calendar and Calendar B will be loaded on the same dates.

Why can’t I see my subjects listed in REVIEW? *

IMPORTANT: Please check that you have selected the correct Year and Session when searching for your subject.

If the correct year and session are selected and the subject is not displayed then you have not been allocated a role in that subject.

If you are the Subject Coordinator and you cannot access your subject please follow the process for your faculty as listed below:

  • DAB staff: Contact your Faculty Academic Programs office. Selected staff in the DAB APO have the ability to add staff to subjects
  • All other faculties: request help from IT via ServiceConnect

PLEASE NOTE: IML Learning Technologists are unable to add staff to subjects.

If you are a Tutor, Demonstrator or other staff member working on a subject please contact the Subject Coordinator.

Why aren’t Subjects Learning Objectives (SLOs) listed in REVIEW? *

REVIEW does not currently support SLOs. Support for SLOs is planned for a future version.

Student FAQ *

One of my subjects is not listed in REVIEW. How can I get it added to my list of subjects? *

If your subject is not listed under the Subjects tab in REVIEW please check that you have selected the correct year and session

If you have selected the correct year and session and your subject is not displayed then please check that you are enrolled in the subject via My Student Admin.

If you are correctly enrolled in the subject in My Student Admin then please contact the IT Support Centre.


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