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Woolworths Pet Insurance

Woolworths pet insurance

Woolworths Pet Insurance

Cover up to 80% of eligible veterinary expenses with Woolworths Pet Insurance

Pet insurance helps you pay veterinary bills if your pet suffers and injury or illness. Some plans even chip in on routine medical care, though it’s usually most helpful when unexpected accidents strike.

Those are the ones that usually require expensive procedures—such as cancer treatments that cost tens of thousands, hip replacements in the neighborhood of $10,000, and ACL repairs that carry fees upwards of $2,500. Any of these would decimate the average Australian emergency savings account.

However, Woolworths pet insurance makes these treatments financially possible.

Why Choose Woolworths Pet Insurance?

Woolworths sets itself apart from other brands in the Australian pet insurance market through its comprehensive range of benefits available on different types of cover. With Woolworths you can get up to 80% of your bills, up to $12,000 a year, paid back to you.

Under Woolworths Pet Insurance cover, you can have your pet treated by any licensed vet in Australia rather than having to go through a prescribed list. The company provides you with cover for paralysis ticks and emergency boarding. They also offer you a number of payment options to choose from, such as paying once a month, once a year or once every fortnight depending on what is more convenient, all at no extra charge.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Policy Options

Maintaining the health of your pets can often feel like an uphill battle but with the help of pet insurances it has become much easier. After considering different types of clients and their requirements, Woolworths Pet Insurance has come up with three types of cover for pet insurance that will ensure your pets’ health without blowing your budget. These three types of covers are:

Basic insurance cover

  • Basic insurance cover gives you up to 80% of the cover on eligible vet bills for your pet’s treatment in the event your pet suffers an accidental injury
  • Woolworths Pet Insurance pays a maximum of $500 for emergency boarding. However, to claim this benefit, your pet must be hospitalised at a licensed boarding facility
  • Lifetime cover renewal
  • Cover will remain in force if you overseas
  • No upper age limit for cover

Standard insurance cover

  • 80% cover on a maximum vet bill of $10,000 annually. Includes illness and injuries caused by accidents
  • Tick paralysis cover
  • Up to $1,000 for emergency boarding fees. In order to claim, vets and boarding facilities must be licensed.
  • 30 day waiting period applies

Comprehensive insurance cover

  • Comprehensive insurance cover includes treatment for all kinds of disease such as skin disease, cancer and even infectious diseases, in addition to covering regular visit charges, illness and accidental injuries.
  • Annual cover limit of $12,000
  • Cover for emergency boarding increases to $1,200 a year
  • Routine care cover

Each of the Woolworths policies also include cover for cruciate ligament surgery, certain medicine and drugs, radiology treatments, specialist care and after hours emergency visits to the vet.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Cover Benefits

When applying for Woolworths Pet Insurance, you have the option to tailor your cover close to your needs through a range of different benefits. These include;

Accidental injury cover

  • Provides cover injury sustained from accidents including those motor vehicles, electrocution and burns. Accidental injury cover also includes snake bites, any kind of sudden allergic reaction to an insect bite, or a bone fracture or tendon injury caused by a fall from a high place
  • The condition must not exist before the policy term begins and must have arisen after commencement of the policy.
  • The insurance company pays eligible vets’ bills up to the maximum amount stated in the certificate of insurance.
  • To be covered for any benefit, including accidental injury, the pet must be at least eight weeks old.The insurance company pays eligible vets’ bills up to the maximum amount stated in the certificate of insurance.

Illness cover

  • Pet will be covered for illness treatment only if the condition began during the policy period
  • On the insurance start date, the pet (cat or dog) must be aged between eight weeks and nine years
  • Diseases for which vaccines are available on the market are not included by illness cover

Optional routine care benefits

Optional routine care benefit provides up to $100 for routine treatments. This option is only available under the comprehensive cover option.

Woolworths Pet Insurance Claims

Making a claim for insurance cover at Woolworths Pet Insurance is a very simple process and can be carried out in three steps;

  • Fill in your and your pets information and sign the claim form
  • Have your vet fill in the relevant sections of the claim form
  • Submit the original itemised invoices and payment receipts to Woolworths. Ensure your vet includes details of their practice
  • Claims should be made within 90 days of treatment
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